Chadwick Shores is a private community, and as such the CSHOA is responsible for any maintenance pertaining to the roads.

What is an HOA?


Homeowners Associations (also referred to as HOA’s) are corporations which are responsible for owning and maintaining common areas and enforcing community restrictions in planned communities. 


About the CSHOA:


The Chadwick Shores Homeowner’s Association (CSHOA) is responsible for maintaining items like the: 

  • entrance/exit gate, 
  • playground and waterfront park
  • private roads throughout the community


The HOA has the ability to enforce the restrictions which are included in the original covenants of the community however the HOA cannot enforce restrictions that are not included in the covenants, like municipal ordinances or state laws. 

Chadwick Shores, like most homeowner’s associations, is governed by volunteers which make up the HOA board of directors. The board of directors are elected by membership and serve a term as determined by the community By-Laws.