2022 CSHOA Board Accomplishments Letter

Dear Homeowner:


We invite you to attend the annual homeowner’s meeting of the Chadwick Shores Homeowner Association on November 17 at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will be held at the Sneads Ferry Presbyterian Church on Highway 210 across from Dixon Elementary School.  All homeowners in good standing are eligible to  vote and encouraged to attend.  If you cannot attend, please give your proxy form to a neighbor who will be attending.

Enclosed in this package is a 2023  budget,  HOA nomination forms, proxy form and for the first time a list of accomplishments for 2022.  This list of accomplishments summarizes the endless hours  your HOA board has spent to work with Premier Management to collect association dues, maintain the covenants, and make this community a safe place to raise your family and preserve your property values.  Please take the time to read the material and get involved with your community.  

If you were to compare the costs of our HOA dues with other communities in the area you would find that we are the most affordable community here in Sneads Ferry.  While we do not have some of the amenities that other newer communities offer, we believe that we are working toward a financially sustainable community that preserves property values and embraces neighborhood and community relationships.  

This community was built many years ago (40+) and as the result of a lawsuit by some early residents we have been subject to restrictions that other communities do not have.  We have properties that a judge deemed perpetually not subject to HOA provisions.  Some of these property owners do participate by voluntarily paying a partial dues assessment.  We are not legally at this time able to force full dues assessment on these lots and homes excluded by the lawsuit against the original developer.  We are grateful for those who make partial payment because they do enjoy the use of our private roads, streetlights etc. and we welcome them to join the association for the good of their community.  All our properties benefit from a safe and well-maintained community while we live here and as a byproduct of resale home resale values.  

Another issue that we are trying to address is that fact that we have an original set of Covenants which requires a majority vote of owners to amend, and a second set which was prompted by the 1991 lawsuit which requires a vote of 80% of owners to amend that set. Unfortunately, 40% of our homeowner’s are nonresidents who do not live here and as a result do not have the same dedication and commitment to our neighbors that our year-round residents have. This is not a slight against nonresident homeowners it is merely a fact that we do not have active commitment that other neighborhoods have, and it makes our efforts doubly important that we preserve this community for the future.

We invite  you to address  your concerns to our email at HOAboard@chadwickshores.com.   We welcome all constructive comments.  Please note that the social media platform Next Door is not an HOA approved method of communication and many of the comments you may see posted on this site are from non-HOA members and Renters.  Since we only send official information to the active homeowners many of those comments are made without fact.  It is discouraging for those of us who care about the community to see these comments.  We cannot effect change without positive constructive help.  



Marianne Carter, Secretary Chadwick Shores Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors