2022 CSHOA Board Accomplishments

Chadwick Shores Homeowners Association

2022 Accomplishments


  • Safety


      1. Flock Safety – Instituted a real time monitoring system of gate entrance/exit to relay information to LEO for any outstanding warrants.  Since the implementation in April 2022 the HOA has had no notifications of break ins, theft, or other criminal activity.  Additionally, we were able to identify a vendor who caused damage at the gate and hold them responsible for repairs. 
      2. The HOA board believes that we have significantly reduced drug activity at the community dock since implementing several new cameras with real time footage of all activity in the dock area.
      3. Reduction of  speed limit to further encourage safe driving for our pedestrian residents, bicyclists,  and especially children at play.  
      4. Implementation of background checks  for employees of  HOA approved vendors working on HOA contracts in the community.
      5. Implementation of  a keyless gate entry to prevent unauthorized access to the gatehouse.
      6. Replaced the soccer goals at the community playground with commercial grade goals.  Existing goals were broken and presented a safety issue to the children and a liability to the HOA.   


  • Maintenance and Repairs


      1. The HOA has established a group of volunteers and board members to provide maintenance of the gate.  The HOA purchases the parts and materials and selected volunteers have maintained the gate to reduce and eliminate labor costs.
      2. Implementation of a Phased approach to drainage and swale management to prevent flooding.  Waterway portions of the community will have a phased approach to maintaining swales to prevent flooding and emergencies due to weather related storms. This project was conducted with HOA volunteers and a qualified road engineer who is a homeowner. 
      3. Conducted road repairs to 25 areas of our roadways that were subject to water retention by  excavating, filling in pockets with Aggregate Base Course (ABC) fill, and repaving.  
      4. Revised the Statement of Work for community landscaping to reduce costs.
      5. Joined with Century Link to have the State DOT provide some drainage maintenance at the gate which was previously funded by the HOA .
      6. Utilization of volunteers for painting entrance signs, dock, and playground maintenance. 
      7. Utilized HOA members to document construction damage to roads and to hold builders and subcontractors responsible for repair.  


  • Administrative


    1. Instituted a written procedure for homeowner complaints.
    2. Shortened the process for homeowner complaints and resolution.  
    3. Mapped completed homes and clarified undeveloped lots to enhance billing and dues collection.  
    4. Expanded and defined standard operating procedures with Premier Management.  
    5. Refined the budget process to better anticipate expenses.
    6. Increased monthly funding for the road reserves account so that the road reserves account is strictly regulated for road maintenance only.  
    7. Approached homeowners who are exempt from dues due to the original lawsuit  to join our association.