April 21, 2020

Chadwick Shores Homeowner Association 

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 21,2020



The CSHOA Board of Directors meeting was held at the home of Richard DuFlocq due to the coronavirus – no residential assistants or residents were invited due to social distancing.



Present: Rick DuFlocq- President

Jonathan Chrisant- Vice President

Milton Uzzell – Treasurer

Trisha Smith – Director at Large

Patti Sturm – Secretary 



  1. Drainage project bids were discussed – Board approved 438 CSD and 565 CSD were projects. Projects for 334 CSD and 207 Fullard were tabled for another 30 days to allow for further bids.
  2. It was determined that the playground and waterfront park were to stay open.
  3. Dead tree at waterfront park area to be bid on.
  4. Pothole repairs not associated with drainage projects to be addressed later.
  5. Waterfront park fence – no decisions to be made until ownership determined at adjacent property. 
  6. Gatehouse keys distributed to all board members.
  7. SOP’s are still under construction.
  8. When HOA issues are brought up on Next Door do not address.  Owners should be using HOA website if they have issues.
  9. Board voted to delay issuing late fees at the present time due to the corona virus.


Secretary’s Report – Minutes for the February meeting were approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Discussed current balances and current spending.


Vice-President – 


Director-at-Large – Nothing to report at this meeting.


Adjournment – Motion to adjourn made by Richard DuFlocq and second by Trisha Smith.  Adjournment at 7:15