April 26, 2022



April 26, 2022

Call to Order @ 6:05

Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, President

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-Large

Milton Uzzell, Treasurer

Pete Allen, Vice President

Marianne Carter, Secretary

Rachel Carter, Communications Director


Resident’s Forum – None present


President’s Report –    


  1. Soccer Goals – Trisha reviewed the quote from Jeremy Duvall for the repair of the soccer goals.  The board unanimously approved $400 for materials.  Mr. Duvall is donating his labor.
  2. Dock Repairs – Jeremy Duvall will give the HOA board a quote for the minimal repair of the dock for missing boards and leaning railing.  


  1. Drainage @ Gate 
    1. Chadwick Acres Rd/Chadwick Cove Ln drainage issues – Trisha Smith has been unable to get someone at the Onslow County level to help with the drainage issue.  Marianne Carter will try to contact Royce Bennett and get his assistance in how we can resolve this issue.  If we have no luck in this, we will ask each homeowner to contact the county via email to voice their concern about the drainage issue which is on county land but is affecting our entrance drain.
    2. Island rocks/mulch – Until the drainage issue is resolved, there is no sense in planting annual flowers and mulching the beds since it will all get washed away in the first rainstorm.


  1. Gate Operations & Safety
    1. Quote for parts/service by Secured Access: $975 – the HOA board ordered the necessary parts from Amazon and Pete Allen; Guinn Beaver and Jimmy Carter will install  HOA board unanimously approved $400 for parts. Price of new batteries online: $385 incl. shipping
    2. Keyless entry system: The HOA board approved the $150 for a keyless entry system. There are many keys to the gatehouse, and someone entered and tampered with the gates.  Since we do not have a comprehensive list of individuals with keys, we are using the keyless system for enhanced security. 
    3. UPS backup battery for cameras: $50 (ordered 4/25) The HOA board approved this item for backup batteries and will be installed by Trisha Smith when they arrive. 


  1. Signs
    1. Beautification project to clean/paint – The entrance signs have been completed and look wonderful!  Many thanks to Sherry Thurston and Colleen Hussein for their efforts in making our neighborhood attractive. We will revisit the idea of getting a committee to paint the street signs in May.
    2. Re-paint quote from James for $4200 – Discussion of this cost was tabled as this is not a budgeted item for 2022.  
    3. Replace (100) metal signs only, no posts (James=$70 ea.; Online =$32 ea.) The HOA will continue to replace signs as needed in the most economical way possible.  Eventually we will have metal stop signs at each location as the old wooden ones deteriorate.  The cost of new wooden signs is prohibitive and outside the limits of our income. 


  1. Community yard sale this Saturday, April 30


Secretary’s Report – Marianne Carter – No Report


Treasurer’s Report – Milton Uzzell 

PMC financial reports were reviewed.  Marianne Carter will review all the properties in September to ensure that Premier Management is sending the appropriate dues to homeowners.  There is some question of whether improved lots are getting full dues while they are under construction.  The HOA decided to bill full dues to each lot as it becomes improved for the upcoming  year.  We need a better budget for 2023 to account for overdue maintenance and drainage.


Vice-President – Peter Allen – No report


Director-at-Large- Guinn Beaver – No report


Adjourned at 7:27 pm


Next Board of Directors meeting:   May 17, 2022 @ 6:30pm