August 16, 2022



August 16, 2022

Call to Order @ 6:15 pm

Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, President

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-Large

Milton Uzzell, Treasurer – excused absence

Pete Allen, Vice President

Marianne Carter, Secretary

Rachel Carter, Communications Director – excused absence

Resident’s Forum – no resident’s in attendance

President’s Report –    



  • Speed Limit


    1. New signs were installed on August 15.  There are two more on order and will be installed when they arrive.
    2. Some of the posts are rotten and discussion entertained whether to replace with wooden posts or metal posts.  Trisha Smith will get prices and email the board for a decision on which option to choose.
    3. Premier sent an email on August 16 to homeowners.  The communications director will send the same email to renters via Mail Chimp.



  • Airbnb


  1. One board member asked about CCR’s and viability of owners having Airbnb in neighborhood.  There is no restriction in the current CCR’s.  However, any homeowner who allows parking in the ROW will get letters from Premier Management if there is a violation.


  • Mowing ROW
  • Undeveloped Lots:


Effective July 20, 2022, ECC will only mow the ROW in undeveloped lots. Previous boards had asked ECC to mow using their discretion all ROW that were unkempt even where there is a home. This has generated many complaints from homeowners because of the difference in mowing style and timing.  Therefore, to ensure consistency the new rule will take precedence over previous directives.



  • New Dock Signs
  • On a motion by Milton Uzzell the HOA will install 3 new signs at the community dock with open and closing times. Motion was passed unanimously.



Secretary’s Report – Marianne Carter


  • 2023 Meeting Schedule
  • The 2023 meeting schedule has been reserved.  Meetings will still be held at Sneads Ferry Presbyterian Church. determine how much is in builder’s reserves that we can use for the drainage work in 2022.


    1. Marianne Carter will be working with ECC on a quote to clean out the swales in the 400-600 block of CSD in the fall.  Several sections are in disrepair and need maintenance to help alleviate flooding in storm season.  We will also develop a routine maintenance schedule for this so that we can budget adequately in the future. 

Treasurer’s Report – Milton Uzzell – postponed.

PMC financial reports were unavailable due to the new Premier system being installed. They will be sent out to HOA board members for review and approval at September meeting.

Vice-President – Peter Allen

ARC Submissions still in process and Pete continues to take photos of before and after to record potential damage by builders and subcontractors. 


Adjourned at 6:43 pm.


Next Board of Directors meeting:   September 20, 2022 @ 6:0pm