August 17, 2021



August 17, 2021

Call to Order @ 1908

Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, Secretary

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-large

Milton Uzzell, Treasurer (arrived at 1932)

Pete Allen, Vice President

Rick DuFlocq, President

Resident’s Forum


President’s Report –    



  • Entry gate repairs


Secure access has yet to provide an estimate to replace all hinges on the broken gate.  PMC will re-contact them.  PMC also is inquiring about possibility of welding to repair in the meantime.



  • Road repairs


Board will obtain pictures of areas listed on small road repairs spreadsheet and send to company for estimate.



  • Fellowship Hall renewal


Board has voted to renew Presbyterian church for monthly meetings on third Tuesday of the month (7pm).


4.Playground branch trimming

Branch was trimmed to increase line of sight for cameras.  Signs have been installed at playground.  


  1. Waterfront Park wedding

Wedding on 8/17 occurred without incident.


  1. CD renewal

CD is up for renewal Sept 2021.  Board will have PMC research best rates and renew accordingly.


  1. Fullard Drive culvert expansion

Ditch along Fullard has been filling with water after storms.  ECC has indicated that water should flow through the driveway culvert once filled with water enough.  From there it will flow down toward the drainage area on CSD.


  1. Replacement rocks/stones for entrance island

Mulch at area of entrance gate nearest the gate shack keeps being swept away with rain, so board has proposed replacing that mulch with landscaping rocks and will obtain estimate for work/rocks and check with ECC for recommendations. 



  1. Condition of trees at entrance

Arborist looked at trees and thinks the long spell of dry weather likely stressed out the trees.  Trimming can be done with dead areas in February of 2022.


  1. Everett Drive mailbox pilfering

Several reports of incidents of missing mail along Everett.  OCSO was notified by residents.


11.Viability of holding community Fall event

Due to current COVID regulations and climate, the HOA has decided not to hold a community event this fall.

Secretary’s Report-


  • Approve July minutes


Board approved minutes from July.


  • Rocks in easement at new build in 800s



  • Resident emails
  • Boats in front yards


Board does not patrol neighborhood for vehicles/boats on properties unless it becomes a nuisance (according to the covenants).


  • Septic lot at 1704 CSD


Channel Marker Builders owns 361 CSD and 1704 CSD and will deed them separately.  Builder has not indicated intent for 1704 CSD but board will notify them the lot is zoned for nitrification field.

Treasurer’s Report – Milton Uzzell 

PMC financial reports were reviewed.

Vice-President – Peter Allen

Gates have been pressure washed.


Director-at-Large- Guinn Beaver

Nothing to report.



Adjourned at 2037

Next Board of Directors meeting:   September 21, 2021