Complaint Resolution Process

Process for Chadwick Shores Homeowners Association for Complaint Resolution


For a complaint to be addressed by the Chadwick Shores Homeowners Board of Directors (CSHOA), the complaint must be addressed to the Board of Directors.  All complaints will be kept strictly confidential but may not be anonymous.  

The following is the process to address a complaint and the timeline.

  1.  Complaint is received in writing.  This may be in an email to the CSHOA email address or in writing in the form of a letter.
  2. Premier Management will be notified of the complaint and provided a copy of the documented letter/email.
  3. No later than 7 days from the receipt of the complaint, Premier Management is to send a letter to the property homeowner requesting clarification of the complaint, justification and or reasoning for the complaint.  The letter should outline a 14-day turnaround for the owner to respond or resolve the issue.
  4. If there  is no resolution at the end of Day 14, Premier is to send a second letter with a scheduled hearing date.  
  5. Resolution via hearing will be sent to the homeowner within 5 days following the completed hearing.

Note:  There may be situations whereby the CSHOA is working with the homeowner, and Premier Management and as such deadlines can be changed.  No deadline will be changed without cause. 


For more information please read the CSHOA Standard Operating Procedures

Adopted by CSHOA – February 15, 2022