February 15, 2022



February 15, 2022

Call to Order @  6:00 p.m.

Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, President

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-Large

Milton Uzzell, Treasurer

Pete Allen, Vice President

Marianne Carter, Secretary

Rachel Carter, Communications Director

Resident’s Forum  – No residents were in attendance

President’s Report –    



  1. Violation Procedures – The HOA unanimously approved the revised complaint process and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for publication on the website for homeowners.
  2. Playground slide & climbers repair – James has it on his schedule to do the repairs (per PMC).  



  • Road repairs


    1. Finalize start date with H&S and timeline for announcement – Per PMC the company is a  week or so behind and we will send out an announcement via email when they begin work.  
    2. The HOA will look at some alternatives to combat the erosion on the side of the right of ways to the road.  Because of heavy equipment constantly entering the neighborhood the soft edges are eroding and the asphalt is breaking down.
    3. The HOA board voted to increase the refundable construction deposit to $2,000 and to emphasize with builders their responsibility to the community for repair and restoration of right of ways for any damage caused during the construction process.   Pete Allen will take photos of each and every construction site before and after for historical purposes to determine damages.  



  • Gate Security/Flock Safety System – The HOA was given a postcard about the new system, and they will announce to homeowners and residents via email, website, and entrance display when the new system is up and running.




  • Additional Cameras at Dock – No install date from Secured Lock at present.
  • Street Signs


    1. Sign history – The original signs were installed in 2005 from a RAGS in Wilmington, and later in 2015 the signs were cemented in place and repainted/repaired/replaced.  The cost of each effort was approximately $10,000.  
    2. Replace Both signs and posts – After lengthy discussion the board decided to table the issue until the April meeting. We have options to have James repair and clean up the signs, replace them as needed with metal signs or have a work group of volunteers to try to clean and paint the signs.  None of the HOA board members volunteered to chair a volunteer work project at this time. 

Secretary’s Report – Marianne Carter – all minutes are up to date

Treasurer’s Report – Milton Uzzell – Milton reviewed the financials and commented that we received more dues than expected in January.  Marianne Carter asked PMC to review the refundable construction deposits to see if there are any deposits more than three years old.  If so, PMC is to move those funds to the road reserves account.  There are three properties who are in arrears by more than a year and PMC will prepare a list of potential “liens and foreclosure notices” for the March meeting. 

Vice-President – Peter Allen – There are 4 new builds in progress (907, 797, 773 and 344 CSD.  CMB builder reports that they have 7 more houses to start between now and May.  All submissions have been reviewed by Pete and approved. 

Director-at-Large- Guinn Beaver 



Adjourned at 7:57 pm.


Next Board of Directors meeting:   March 15, 2022 @ 6:30pm