January 18, 2022



January 18, 2022


Call to Order by Trisha Smith at 6 pm.


Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, President

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-Large

Milton Uzzell, treasurer

Pete Allen, Vice President

Marianne Carter, Secretary

Rachel Carter, Communications Director


Resident’s Forum 

Closed due to Omicron/Covid


BOD positions for 2022 were formally approved unanimously.


President’s Report –    


  • New Resident Advisors Shelley Berry Amlotte & John Baxley will join Russell Keith as Resident Advisors for 2022.


  • Violation Procedures

Trisha provided a draft of violations procedures which will be edited by Marianne Carter and sent to the board for approval via email.  Once approved they will be sent to the homeowners and posted to the website.


  • Common areas rules and regulations

The board approved Trisha replacing the park and playground hours on new signs.  Official hours are sunrise to sunset.


  • Mini-storage unit move-out (12/31/21)

Trisha reported that the mini-storage unit has been emptied.  Some items are still in her garage as she sorts documents for retention.  Other items such as an old artificial Christmas tree and other assorted decorations will be trashed.  The file cabinet will then be stored in the gatehouse.   This will save us $600 per year in storage costs.  


  • *Playground slide

There are some screws on the slide which are not in danger of hurting a child but need to be reattached with new screws for additional safety.   Sun warping caused a small gap between where the 2 pieces relate to existing bolts.  We just need to add additional bolts to close those gaps. Trisha will have Chris Manning investigate the repair costs with James (one of Chris’s subcontractors who does routine maintenance for Premier).  Other options are to contact the manufacturer for screw kits.  Chris will also investigate the rules on having certified inspections for playground equipment safety.  This last item was tabled to February or March.  


  • Entrance traffic mirror replacement

New traffic mirror was installed by Jimmy Carter. 


  • *Road repairs

The board reviewed an estimate from H&S Management for the repairs to several damaged road spots.  The cost is $9,539 and was approved by the board.  Discussion of how to pay for this expense entailed whether the board could ask for special assessments.  The HOA doesn’t have extra funds in the budget with the electric and increased landscaping costs for unbudgeted work and the board is hesitant to withdraw these funds from Road reserves.


  • *Gate Security
    • Estimate from Flock Safety was provided by Trisha Smith.  This system encompasses a real time license plate reader which will work in conjunction with LEO for additional security.  The estimated install time for the new system is 6 weeks and  will cost $4,000 for the system and $500 to install 2 new cameras at the gate entrance and exit.  The board approved this purchase along with the same discussion in #7 above with respect to payment for this expense.   Given the significant discussion and ongoing concern from residents about security within the community the board agreed that this was significantly less expensive than having gates closed 24/7 and/or hiring a gate guard. 


  • *Additional Cameras at Dock 

Estimate from Secured Lock was reviewed for $1,763.36 to purchase additional quality cameras to identify license plates at the park access area to reduce ongoing concern about vandalism and drug/alcohol usage at the park. The board approved this purchase along with the same discussion in #7 above with respect to payment for this expense.   




  • *Street Signs 

Several street signs are in disrepair, broken, stolen or otherwise nonfunctioning.  Trisha will work with Chris to determine the cost to replace with metal posts and signs. We need 100 posts, 40 street signs and 31 stop signs.   This cost could also be added to a special assessment to pay for the replacement of the existing wooden signs which were installed in 2005.  


  • *Replacement rocks/stones for entrance island

Estimate from ECC was $4,500.  Milton volunteered to get bids from his association landscape companies for competitive bids.  The annual cost of mulch is increasing, and we would like to find a permanent solution to the mulch which is literally money washed down the drain.   


Secretary’s Report-


Minutes were approved via email and will continue to be done in this manner so as we can get the information out to residents via email and posted on the website sooner. 


Treasurer’s Report – Milton Uzzell 

PMC financial reports were reviewed.




Adjourned at 8:05 pm


Next Board of Directors meeting:   February 15, 2022 @ 6:30pm