July 16, 2019



MEETING DATE:  July 16, 2019



        The CSHOA Board of Directors meeting was held at the Sneads Ferry Presbyterian Church on July 16, 2019 and was called to order at 7:00 pm by Rick DuFlocq, President.    



             Present:            Rick DuFlocq         – President

                                        Jonathan Chrisant       – Vice President

                                        Janet Gargano              – Secretary

                                        Ray Baker                      – Treasurer

                                        Russ Keith                      – Resident Advisor

                                        Rachel Carter                – Website Administrator

              Excused absence: 

                                        Patti Sturm             – Director-at-large

                                        Trisha Smith                  – Resident Advisor



           Residents attending were  Bill Keller, Guinn Beaver, Eva Moore 



   President’s report:


  • The Board discussed a short-term rental situation in the neighborhood and whether this could become a problem in the future, particularly as it pertains to gate codes distribution.  Board will review the Onslow County zoning ordinances relative to HOA private communities.
  • Eric Corbett had sent some soil and twig samples from the two birch trees at the front entrance to UNC for testing analysis. 
  • Eric has leveled the large mound in the Playground and will provide an estimate for seeding the area.
  • Playground update:   Jonathan will install the horseshoe pits this weekend and he is also donating his own set.
  • Eric will do the permanent repair to the sinkhole on Shellbank Drive, and check one starting on Dale Drive 
  • The second soccer goal has been ordered; Rick is waiting for delivery.
  • The new Shore Court street sign has been put up.
  • Patti is pricing two signs, one for each of the Shelters at the common areas, with reservation information.
  • Drainage update:  Rainstorm Solutions has been paid a goodly portion for the work they did in the 300 –340 block of CSD and they were pretty much done until the builder clearing 334 CSD tore everything up.  The HOA stills holds $800 of money due Rainstorm Solutions and holds the construction deposit from that builder and that deposit will not be returned until the entire damaged area is restored at it was after Rainstorm Solutions completed the work.
  • Estimates were received from Rainstorm Solutions for proposed work at 330, 354 and 711 CSD.  At 330 CSD the drainpipe across the road leading into a ditch is starting to collapse; the pipe outlet and the road need to be stabilized, soil excavated from the swale and build up the banks around the pipe.  They will have to bring in extra fill, install fabric and four tons of rip rap to prevent further erosion in the area – Estimate is $3,000.00. There was a blocked invert grating at 354 CDS which was a quick fix which Rainstorm did at no charge.  The concrete culvert at 711 CDS is completely blocked from view and needs to be cleared – estimate is $1600.00.  Rainstorm said they would give a 10% discount if they did both projects; the Board will look at the areas and make a decision by the end of the week.
  • Rachel suggested that the overgrowth of brush around the curve at the 500 block of CSD needs to be cut back; the visibility is extremely bad for vehicles coming around the curve into CSD.  


  • CD Renewals are coming due this month and upon Chris Manning’s recommendation the Board voted to renew one CD at 2 ½ % for ten months and one CD at 2.75 % for fifteen months; the accrued interest for both CD’s would be $4300.00  
  • The suggestion made for installing kayak/canoe storage racks at the Waterfront Dock has been tabled until the   Board can gather more information.


  • Secretary’s report:    The minutes of the June 18, 2019 BOD meeting were sent to members for review and approval.   A motion to approve the minutes was made Rick DuFlocq; 2nd by Ray Baker.   All Approved. The July 16, 2019 minutes will be posted on our CS website.


  • Treasurer’s report:    Ray reviewed the PMC Financials for June 2019.  The current total collected in HOA dues is  $137,327, and we’ve collected $35,250 in special assessments with there being $4,000 left to collect. Ray said the collections are going as expected and there were no unusual expenses this period.  He did note that PMC issued a payment from our HOA account to another of their clients in error. PMC advised that one of the chronically late delinquencies paid $1230 and the revised total amount is now $139,017 bringing the HOA even closer to the budgeted amount.  A motion was made by Janet Gargano to accept the Treasure’s report; 2nd by Jonathan Chrisant; All Approved
  • Rick when through the Buildings and Grounds figures to see where the HOA stands in terms of what there is left in the budget;  there is about $16,000 of discretionary money left, and the items we will have to pay out are the repair of the sinkhole and Octoberfest.  There are still discretionary projects for the Board to consider; removal of trees at the entrance, Playground seeding and the 2 signs for the Shelters.  Legal fees are large items; every foreclosure costs $1200 which the HOA does recoup if we recover the amount owed.
  • Russ noted a sinkhole near the 337 CSD area which needs to be monitored periodically.

Vice-President –   




Website Administrator –    Rachel Carter has implemented the  ‘auto responder’ section on the website for several commonly asked questions and it is working out well.  She did an analytic on our CS website and found the top ‘hits” were from NC and the five highest topics were;  the CSHOA, yard sales, amenities, ‘Contact the Board’, and FAQ.


Motion to adjourn the meeting was made Rick DuFlocq; 2nd by Ray Baker.    All Approved


 Adjournment:   Meeting was adjourned at 8:40  pm.      


 Submitted by Janet Gargano, Secretary