July 20, 2021



AGENDA   –   July 20, 2021

Call to Order @ 1905

Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, Secretary

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-large

Milton Uzzell, Treasurer

Pete Allen, Vice President

Rick DuFlocq, President

Rachel Carter, communications director

Russ Keith, Resident Advisor

Resident’s Forum

Nothing to report

President’s Report –    


  • Playground security camera & signage installation 



Cameras are installed and working; signage is on the way and will be installed at playground.



  • Tree trimming in way of playground camera light of sight



Meeting with ECC on 7/21 to get estimate for branch blocking camera sight.



  • Completion of drainage project at 708 CSD



Project has been completed as contracted.



  • Contractor search for pavement and pothole repairs. PMC has contacted Rainstorm Solutions.



Rainstorm will look at the area and report quotes to the BOD.  BOD will acquire list of non-builder related road issues to attempt to get a quote for all jobs together.


  1. Owner inquiry about building outbuilding to live in while new home being built 


Per the HOA covenants, you cannot reside in an out building on the lot while the home is being built.



  • Reservation request for waterfront park for August wedding.



Wedding will be held at waterfront park on August 17, 2021 from 3p-6:30pm. Reservation request form will be updated. It has been observed that boards in the dock may need to be resecured. Board will check dock and ECC will ensure landscaping is fresh for event.




  • New No Parking warning sign installed



New sign installed at the gate regarding no parking on shoulders of the community.  



  • Lot clearing 



Lot has been cleared with no objections from owner of adjacent property.

Secretary’s Report-


  • Road sinking areas



(see above)



  • ECC’s mowing schedule



Several residents raised issues regarding the lawn in common areas and right of ways being very long. Common areas are mowed every week and the roadsides are mowed every other week considering the weather.  Will also ask ECC to look at several trees at the entrance that may be dying.



  • Gate Directory Update



Gate directory will be maintained and updated.



  • Gmail account login



All board members need to be viewing the HOA gmail account to keep up to date on issues. 



  • SOPs for (current) recurring duties



Board will create an unofficial binder with recurring tasks for future board members to use also.

June minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Milton Uzzell 

PMC financial report was reviewed.

Vice-President – Peter Allen

Gate will be pressure washed this month.


Director-at-Large- Guinn Beaver

Speed limit sign missing from 400 block of CSD.  Will contact McLean’s for price of replacement.

Website Administrator- Rachel Carter

General email about the HOA and FAQs is being drafted.

Resident Advisor – Russ Keith

765 CSD road damage.


Adjournment – @ 2109



Next Board of Directors meeting:   August 17, 2021