June 17, 2021



AGENDA   –   June 17, 2021


Call to Order @ 1902


Roll Call of Members


Trisha Smith, Secretary

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-large

Milton Uzzell, Treasurer

Pete Allen, Vice President

Rick DuFlocq, President


Residents in Attendance:

Mr. Bill Keller


Arrived at 1923:

Yesica & Jose Mejia


Resident’s Forum


Parking issue on right of way throughout neighborhood (305 CSD) (see *)


Residents are allowed to widen their driveway at their own expense.


BOD will evaluate drainage issues at 408 CSD with contractors.


President’s Report –    


  1. Playground security camera installation


SecureLock installed post and electrical box today.  Some trees block view of cameras so ECC will be asked to trim back.  


  1. Damage to replacement stop sign at Everett Dr. and CSD


After sign/post was replaced, the sign was detached.  BOD reattached to post.


  1. Status of drainage repair job at 708 CSD next to Chadwick Court


Utility marking will be done this week so work can begin next week.


  1. Video of playground area next to 235 Everett Dr.


235 Everett has provided video record of state of playground. 


  1. New No Parking warning sign installation


*New No Parking sign will be installed just inside the gate (Saturday 6/19/21 @ 9am)


  1. Front offset waiver for new home construction at 361 CSD


Channel Marker builders requested waiver for offset, which BOD allowed contingent upon leaving a vegetative buffer.  Board is waiting to inspect the property.


  1. New gatehouse A/C unit & gatehouse cleanup


Installed a/c unit in gatehouse to protect integrity of electrical systems and threw out unused stuff inside.


  1. Dogs not on leashes and dog waste cleanup


According to HOA covenants, the BOD can create the rules/regulations for the common areas for which they are responsible for.  


Adhesives signs stating the county ordinance/leash law will be placed on all waste stations, dock park and playground.  Chronic offenders will be identified and notified by PMC.


  1. Warning letters


Homeowners identified as habitually breaking established rules will be sent letters by PMC.


  1. PMC/informational email to be sent out reviewing community guidelines and HOA rules, describes the process that occurs when infractions are committed, and information on the website.



Secretary’s Report- Trisha Smith


  1.  May meeting minutes were unanimously approved and will be posted on the website. 


Treasurer’s Report – Milton Uzzell 


PMCs financial report was reviewed


Vice-President – Peter Allen


See above re: gate a/c


Director-at-Large- Guinn Beaver


Nothing to report


Website Administrator- Rachel Carter

Not present


Resident Advisor – Russ Keith

Not present       




Executive Session-


Adjournment –

Meeting was adjourned at 2050



Next Board of Directors meeting:   July 20, 2021