March 22, 2022



March 22, 2022


Call to Order @ 6:00 pm

Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, President

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-Large

Milton Uzzell, Treasurer – excused absence

Pete Allen, Vice President

Marianne Carter, Secretary

Rachel Carter, Communications Director – excused absence


Resident’s Forum – no resident’s in attendance


President’s Report –    



  • Playground slide & climbers repair by James:


    1. Repairs completed and Dock swing secured



  • Road repairs
  • H&S:


Completed first pass of repairs, still need to finish with sealing and revisit any patches that are sinking or need further repair.  Trish has the bill for $11,335 which increased due to additional work.



  • Drainage
  • Leaves in ROW:


ECC was asked to remove the leaves in the ROW and swales on Everett.  A neighbor in that area has been burning leaves so the email sent may have helped educate residents.



  • Gate Security/Flock Safety System
  • Tree cut by JOEMC – they have the right to cut trees to access utility equipment on utility easements.


    1. Island rocks/mulch – Trish and Milton will work on the two bids to ensure we have competitive pricing for same work requirements to remove the existing mulch and replace with rock and stone.



  • Signs
  • Stop sign replaced at Everett/CSD
  • Re-painting of entrance and waterfront park signs by Sherry Thurston (~$200). Sherry and some volunteers are in process of painting signs.
  • Political signs: HOA cannot regulate 45 days before an election and then 7 days after the election
  • Easter Egg hunt –



Secretary’s Report – Marianne Carter


  • Roads – Drainage
  • HOA reviewed the drainage report prepared by Marianne Carter.  We discussed solutions for the current clogged drains and have requested that ECC provide a quote for cleaning the drains.  Once we have all the clogged drains fixed, we will develop a routine drainage maintenance plan and budget items accordingly.  Premier is to determine how much is in builder’s reserves that we can use for the drainage work in 2022.


      1. The HOA will ask the county to work with the community on the clogged swale at the Jenkins property on Chadwick Acres.  ECC will run a transit line and prepare the information to be sent to the county.  We believe it is their responsibility to maintain this swale.  This clog puts pressure on our gate entrance drains along with the entrance mulch that washes away.


  • In conjunction with the drainage was the discussion of road conditions and how long we would have before serious maintenance is in order.  It appears that the roads are in good condition and can be maintained for some time provided we get the standing water issues resolved that exacerbate the decay of the sides of the roads.
  • Last item was a discussion of  standardized SOW to incorporate all future bids to fairly assess the work to be conducted.  This would apply to landscape contracts, drainage, road signs, in other words all maintenance to be done in the communityMore to come on this issue in the year.



Treasurer’s Report – Milton Uzzell – postponed.

PMC financial reports were reviewed.


Vice-President – Peter Allen

ARC Submissions still in process and Pete continues to take photos of before and after to record potential damage by builders and subcontractors. 


Director-at-Large- Guinn Beaver

Guinn asked about the gate hours which are being recalibrated due to power loss and time changes.  

Adjourned at 8:00 pm.


Next Board of Directors meeting:   April 19, 2022 @ 6:30pm