May 17, 2022



May 17, 2022


Call to Order @ 6:00

Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, President

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-Large

Milton Uzzell, Treasurer

Pete Allen, Vice President

Marianne Carter, Secretary

Rachel Carter, Communications Director


Resident’s Forum – None present


President’s Report –    Note that Action Items are in Bold with the person assigned.


  1. Street Signs – Trisha will review the bid from James at Premier and let the board know the costs for him to paint and repair the existing/missing street signs. Milton Uzzell and Pete Allen are considering overall costs to have James do the work or try to get a volunteer committee to do the painting and repairs. 


    1. Drainage @ Gate 


  • Trisha spoke with the DOT road engineer who indicated that the swale was clogged putting stress on our drain at the gate.  He will put us on the list for having the work done but did not make any promises on how long this would take.   – Until the drainage issue is resolved, there is no sense in planting annual flowers and mulching the beds since it will all get washed away in the first rainstorm.  Trisha will contact Century Link to see if they will clean the swale as it is on the property where they have an existing utility shed.  



  1. Gate Operations & Safety
    1. HOA board ordered the necessary parts from Amazon and Pete Allen; Guinn Beaver and Jimmy Carter will install  HOA board unanimously approved $400 for parts. Price of new batteries online: $385 incl. shipping.  Parts are still on order.
      1. The price to have Secured Access fix the gates was over $900.
      2. The supply chain and shipment issues are what is causing the delay.
    2. Keyless entry system: Each board member got their access code from Trisha Smith. 
    3. A subcontractor for CMB damaged the bricks at the entrance of the gate.  Trisha located the vendor through cameras and contacted CMB who agreed to have their mason come in and replace the bricks with matching ones and repair damage.  


  1. Speeding
    1. Four complaints were received about speeding in the neighborhood.  This has been an ongoing problem and over the years the HOA has tried several solutions such as installing stop signs and putting reflectors on the road and on the stop signs.  Because this is a private community, we cannot ask for LEO to patrol and ticket speeders.   The HOA will investigate and consider speed bumps and rumble strips to further deter speeding although this has been considered before and never implemented.   Another possible solution is to have volunteers monitor the speed of drivers with a radar gun to alert people that they are driving too fast.  The HOA did invest in a portable speed monitoring sign, but it was sold because there were no volunteers to assist with setting up the sign and moving its location periodically.  We do need to investigate any liability on the part of the HOA from damage to vehicles if we do install speed bumps.  Trisha Smith will meet with an employee of Onslow Paving to discuss options.
    2. Rachel Smith installed a “children” sign in the ROW in front of her house to slow speeders down. The HOA asked her to submit a request in writing as no homeowner can install any permanent signs in the ROW. The sign can remain while the HOA is working on another solution for speeding. 


Secretary’s Report – Marianne Carter – There will be a food drive on Saturday morning June 18 for Share the Table’s summer backpack program.


Treasurer’s Report – Milton Uzzell 

PMC financial reports were reviewed.  


Vice-President – Peter Allen – No report


Director-at-Large- Guinn Beaver – Guinn submitted a list of homes who are in violation of covenants.   He also inquired as to the completion of the sealed road patches which have been completed.