November 17, 2022


Annual Meeting

November 17, 2022


Call to Order @ 1833


Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, President

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-large

Milton Uzzell, Treasurer 

Pete Allen, Vice President

Marianne Carter, Secretary

Chris Manning, Premier Management Company Representative



  • Welcome, Introductions and Agenda Review


Meeting was called to order by Trisha Smith, President    



President Trisha Smith introduced the current board members and reviewed the agenda.

Marianne Carter and Chris Manning verified that we had a quorum to proceed. There were 35 homeowners represented.


The HOA board then asked if there were any nominations from the floor.   There were none.


Each nominee was introduced and provided a brief bio. Ballots were handed out and counted by Rachel and Jimmy Carter. At the request of one homeowner each candidate spoke about their vision and priorities for the community as well as their favorite part of living here in Chadwick Shores.  


Allison Duvall and Matt McCrary were elected for a two-year term each.



  • Review of 2022 Accomplishments


Trisha Smith reviewed the 2022 accomplishments that were sent to each homeowner in their annual packet.  (See attached to these minutes).  



  • Review of 2022 Community Expenditures and 2023 Budget



Chris Manning of Premier Management reviewed the general ledger and balance sheet.  No questions were asked by the homeowners about the balance sheet.   Chris then reviewed the current year budget and  Marianne Carter explained the changes in how the 2023 budget is itemized.  They explained line items and what it was used for along with any exceptions and clarifications to specific line items if needed.


The board indicated that they are working on all the minor repairs for the roads as well as drainage.  


It was emphasized that all homeowners have a responsibility to report issues and problems to the HOA board via email at .  



  • Open Floor to General Q&A



Homeowners had general questions with respect to how reserves are allocated each year, along with ongoing safety issues with respect to speeding in the community.  One resident raised questions about controlling golf carts on the roads.  Another resident is concerned about some overhang on the roads from trees.  He could not pinpoint exactly the area of his concern and promised to mark the trees so that the HOA could address it.  Note that trees that were not in the ROW will have to be trimmed by the homeowners as we aren’t allowed to go on private property to trim trees.  Once we have any areas of concern Premier will contact the homeowner and ask them to have their trees trimmed.  Another homeowner was very concerned about the types of homes being built, which brought the issue of how old our covenants are.  Chris Manning explained the process to update covenants, which is a difficult and time-consuming process.  In our first set of covenants, we need 50% of homeowners to make changes, and for the second set of bylaws we need 80% to make changes.  The issue of using Zoom meetings to allow homeowners to vote was raised and Premier will investigate this for the 2023 annual meeting.  


Once again, the HOA Board stressed to everyone in the community that they need to report suspicious action to the Sheriff and other issues to the HOA Board via email at Residents cannot assume that the HOA Board is aware of their issue if it isn’t brought to the board’s attention via the established procedure.  They reiterated that the social media app, Next Door is NOT an established method of communication.


Meeting was Adjourned at 1942.




Marianne E. Carter, Secretary