November 19, 2021 (Annual Meeting)


Annual Meeting

November 19, 2021


Call to Order @ 1840


Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, President

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-large

Milton Uzzell, Treasurer 

Pete Allen, Vice President

Marianne Carter, Secretary

Chris Manning, Premier Management Company Representative



  • Welcome, Introductions and Agenda Review


Meeting was called to order by Trisha Smith, President    



President Trisha Smith introduced the current board members and reviewed the agenda.

Marianne Carter and Chris Manning verified that we had a quorum to proceed. There were 35 homeowners represented and 47 proxy votes.


The HOA board then asked if there were any nominations from the floor.   There were none.


Each nominee was introduced and provided a brief bio.  Trisha Smith gave highlights on one nominee, Michele “Shelley” Berry who was ill and unable to attend.  Ballots were handed out and collected by Rachel Smith, Bill Gearon and Russell Keith.  These three individuals were also the vote counters and certified the results. 


Trisha Smith and Milton Uzzell were re-elected for a two-year term.  Marianne Carter was elected for a two-year term.



  • Review of 2021 Community Expenditures and 2022 Budget



Chris Manning of Premier Management reviewed the general ledger and balance sheet.  No questions were asked by the homeowners about the balance sheet.   Chris then reviewed the current year budget and 2022 budget.  He explained each line item and what it was used for along with any exceptions and clarifications to specific line items if needed.  The largest budget item increases for 2022 is the cost of landscape contract.  The HOA board is in the process of rebidding the SOW (statement of work) for 2022 to do due diligence for this contract.  It was noted that effective January 1 all government contractors are required to pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour which is causing an increase across the board for all businesses to retain employees.


Questions regarding road repair were raised and the board indicated that they are working on all the minor repairs for the roads as well as drainage.  


It was emphasized that all homeowners have a responsibility to report issues and problems to the HOA board via email at .  



  • Open Floor to General Q&A



Homeowners asked about the wedding venue business located in the neighborhood.  Trisha Smith responded that the HOA Board had acted upon the advice of our attorney and communicated with the business owner. The business has also come to the attention of the county with respect to zoning, board of health and alcohol tobacco board.  Actions taken at the county level are not shared with the HOA Board but remain between the county and the business owner.   The HOA Board is NOT at liberty to discuss individual violations in a public forum and as such could not be specific about the action taken. 


There was some concern on the part of some homeowners with respect to security at the dock after hours and speeding which is an ongoing issue.


Once again, the HOA Board stressed to everyone in the community that they need to report suspicious action to the Sheriff and other issues to the HOA Board via email at Residents cannot assume that the HOA Board is aware of their issue if it isn’t brought to the board’s attention via the established procedure.  They reiterated that the social media app, Next Door is NOT an established method of communication.


Meeting was Adjourned at 2020.




Marianne E. Carter, Secretary