September 20, 2022



September 20, 2022

Call to Order @ 6:00 pm – Executive Session


Roll Call of Members

Trisha Smith, President

Guinn Beaver, Director-at-Large

Milton Uzzell, treasurer

Pete Allen, Vice President

Marianne Carter, Secretary


President’s Report –    



  • Invitations to Non-Members to Join HOA – In process




  • 15 MPH speed limit response – no formal communications on new speed limit




  • Oktoberfest proposal – from resident – HOA President will notify the resident that he can organize an activity if he does not sell alcohol at the event.  Note this is not a HOA sponsored event.  




  • Everett Pond/Fullard Creek wildlife issues – Issue was sent to state wildlife biologists via Marine Patrol and no formal report has been received.




Secretary’s Report-


  1. Drainage – swale – In process of building a 3-year maintenance plan for swale and drainage maintenance for budget purposes.  Some of this work will be done this year in the 400-600 areas of CSD.
  2.  Documentation of lots and construction – Map of lots versus completed homes and construction is completed and will be maintained as needed.


Treasurer’s Report – Milton Uzzell 

New PMC financial reports were reviewed. Milton will get with Chris to resolve some questions on the report format and then explain at the October meeting.  


Vice-President – Peter Allen – still trying to get builders to submit ARC to Premier.  Several homes are under construction by one builder who has yet to provide plans.  HOA has asked Premier to call the builder to ask them for their cooperation. 


Director-at-Large- Guinn Beaver – Guinn raised the issue of the old setbacks in the covenants versus the county setbacks.  Our covenants are out of date but to revise them would take a significant vote of homeowner members.  This would be a major undertaking and is not viable at this time. 



Adjourned at 7:35

Next Board of Directors meeting:  October 18, 2022