If you would like to submit a gate sign message for consideration, send that request to hoaboard@chadwickshores.com. Please include your name, address, contact information (phone and email address), the proposed text of the message, and the dates on which you want it posted. Given the limited space on the sign, please make your message concise. The board will review all proposed messages for content before posting them, and will attempt to accommodate each request. The board retains the right to edit the messages so that they can be shown in a single message.


In the case of a returning service person, the message could be a simple as “Welcome home SSGT Smith”, or the message could recognize the return of a unit. Messages related to military personnel should not be the cause of any security concerns. A birthday message only needs to contain the child’s first name and first letter of their last name, as they would be grouped with other children whose birthdays fall in the same month. Birthday acknowledgements are limited to children age 10 and under.


Other message ideas include recognition of scholastic and team sports achievements, and wedding and anniversary salutations, again limiting the information of the people involved to their first name(s) and the first letter of their last name, as appropriate.