Chadwick Shores Front Gate

Gate Codes

Each house address has been assigned a specific gate code. For security reasons, the board asks residents to please not give out their gate codes, and encourages homeowners to list their names on the gate keypad directory.

  • To obtain or change the code for your address, please email the board.
  • For gate codes please call Janet (910) 327-2264

Gate codes are issued to the property owner or manager. Please contact your owner or manager to get the gate code for your house address.

Residents can also register their name and phone number for the front gate entry system. This system allows you to open the gate remotely when a guest searches for your name in the system and calls your number from the gate pad.

  • For more information, including the registration form, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Gate Remotes

Gate remotes are available for purchase for $75 per remote. If you are an owner, you may purchase a gate remote by emailing the board. Note that tenants cannot purchase gate remotes. If you are a homeowner leasing your property, you can purchase a remote for your tenant by submitting this form.

If you have sold or rented your home, or your tenant has changed, please notify the board of the name and contact information for the current resident.

Gate Sign Message Requests

If you would like to submit a gate sign message for consideration, send that request to Please include your name, address, contact information (phone and email address), the proposed text of the message, and the dates on which you want it posted. Given the limited space on the sign, please make your message concise. The board will review all proposed messages for content before posting them, and will attempt to accommodate each request. The board retains the right to edit the messages so that they can be shown in a single message.

In the case of a returning service person, the message could be a simple as “Welcome home SSGT Smith”, or the message could recognize the return of a unit. Messages related to military personnel should not be the cause of any security concerns. A birthday message only needs to contain the child’s first name and first letter of their last name, as they would be grouped with other children whose birthdays fall in the same month. Birthday acknowledgements are limited to children age 10 and under.

Other message ideas include recognition of scholastic and team sports achievements, and wedding and anniversary salutations, again limiting the information of the people involved to their first name(s) and the first letter of their last name, as appropriate.

Gate Directory

Front Gate Entry System

Our community has been equipped with a Chamberlain Telephone Entry System that will provide voice communication for your guest from the entrance key pad to your home by use of the local telephone network if you have provided us with a current phone number and instructed us to put your name in the directory.

If provided, your name and telephone number will be programmed into the telephone entry system.  When guests come to visit you, they will look your name up in a directory by scrolling up or down (using the up or down key) and following the instructions on the telephone entry system. This system is equipped with a call button. When your name is displayed and selected in the directory, the guest can press the # (call) button to establish phone communications with your home.

Once you have answered the phone call and you have identified your guest, you have the choice to either grant access or deny access to your guest.  To grant access to your guest, press 9 on your touch-tone telephone (home phone or cell phone). The telephone entry system will respond with “access granted” indicating that the gate is opening and then will automatically hang up.


  • Some newer telephones emit a very short duration tone when the number is pressed. If your telephone does this, you may have to press the open number twice in rapid succession to open the gate.
  • To deny access to your guest, just hang up. 
  • If you have a rotary dial phone, dial 9 to grant access. To deny access, hang up.


Your telephone number is not displayed on the key pad.  Your telephone number can be stored in the system without your name being displayed on the directory. If you choose this option, you will need to inform your guest of your 3- digit directory number, otherwise they will have no method of contacting you from the front entrance through the telephone entry system.

Registration Form (to be included in the Gate Directory)

Please complete the bottom half of page 2 on the form below and sign. *Please note, the gate directory is only for homeowners in good standing with the HOA.

Gate Maintenance

Repair & Emergency Operations

There are situations wherein it becomes necessary to secure the gates in the open position, to include gate maintenance and repair, and adverse weather conditions. If it becomes necessary for the gates to be secured in the open position, the board will notify residents via Email. The board will take the necessary measures to remedy gate malfunctions as soon as possible. If you find that the gate is not operating correctly, please email