Hurricane Dorian

In anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Dorian, the HOA board has enacted its Hurricane Preparation Action Plan. This plan includes the following:
  • Closing the playground and waterfront park until further notice. While this is physically difficult to do, we ask residents to stay away from these areas until it’s safe.
  • The front gates will be secured in the open position
  • The American flag at the entrance will be lowered and removed
  • The gate sign will be covered
  • If needed, a dewatering pump will be set up in the area of the intersection of Chadwick Shores Drive (CSD) and Shore Ct. This is the low lying area that routinely floods. We ask that if the pump is in operation, that residents not transit that section of CSD.
  • A sweep of the common areas will be conducted to remove/relocate any potential hazards
  • The landscaping company (ECC) will be available to assist utility companies in clearing roadways as necessary.

The board asks that residents be aware of these preparations, and those people that will be involved in enacting them.

The board will provide periodic updates as necessary, and will be monitoring the email account. Please stay safe, and be mindful of the welfare of your neighbors. Thank you.