New Homeowners

The community speed limit is 15 mph.

Gate Information

Each house address has been assigned a specific gate code.

  • To obtain or change the code for your address, please call Janet (910) 327-2264 or email the board.

Residents can also register their name and phone number for the front gate entry system. This system allows you to open the gate remotely when a guest searches for your name in the system and calls your number from the gate pad.


All Homeowners

Gate remotes are available for purchase for $75 per remote. If you are an owner, you may purchase a gate remote by email the HOA – Note that tenants cannot purchase gate remotes. If you are renting your property, you can purchase a remote for your tenant by submitting this form.

If you have sold or rented your home, or your tenant has changed, please notify the board of the name and contact information for the current resident.

Signs generally prohibited:

No sign, billboard, or other advertising may be erected or maintained upon any lot or on HOA common areas, with the following exceptions. Builders may erect identification signage during the course of construction, however these signs shall be removed when construction is complete. Contractors performing home upgrade activities (e.g. painting, roof replacement, pressure washing), are permitted to post signage until that activity is completed. “For Sale” and “For Rent” signs are permitted, but are limited to one sign per lot. These signs shall be removed when the property is sold or rented. Signs left in place beyond the required removal time will be removed by the HOA.

Parking on the easement:

Parking on the “shoulder” of any road within Chadwick Shores for an extended period of time is prohibited, and vehicles and other wheeled equipment found in violation of this regulation may be towed at the owner’s expense. The “shoulder” is a portion of the HOA right of way that extends out 30′ from the center line of the roadway, or approximately 20′ from the road edge. In the case of a large gathering at a resident’s home for which driveway parking is not available for all vehicles, parking on the right of way is permitted during the event. The HOA board asks that residents notify the board of such an event via the dedicated HOA email address.


Gate codes are issued to the property owner or manager. Please contact your owner or manager to get the gate code for your house address.


Gate remotes are also available for sale to property owners and managers. Your owner or manager can purchase a remote and fill out this form to allow you to pick up the remote from the board.