Spring 2019 Announcements

As Spring approaches, the board of directors wanted to inform residents of activities that are planned to take place in the coming weeks.

Waterfront Park

At the waterfront park, the damaged portion of the pathway leading to the dock will be replaced by a wooden section, which will be less costly than reinstalling the crush-and-run material used in the remainder of the pathway. Tree work will be undertaken at the park to remove a large dead limb in a waterside tree, and the cutting down of a dying tree near the park entry. The tree swings will be re-hung.

Drainage Projects

Drainage projects will be conducted in the right-of-way areas of the 330 and 700 blocks of Chadwick Shores Drive (CSD).


The landscaping company will be trimming and removing limbs and small trees located in the right-of-ways that are fouling utility lines, overhanging roadways, and causing driver visibility problems, especially in certain curved sections of CSD. The board asks that residents be mindful of the work crews operating close to the roadways.

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Sunday, April 14th at the playground. Detailed information will be forthcoming about the time and planned activities.

Community Yard Sale

A community yard sale is in the planning stages, so keep an eye out for a future announcement on Nextdoor, as well as checking the Chadwick Shores website.

Playground/Fitness Area

In order to enhance the utility of the playground area adjacent to Everett Drive, two trees will be removed, and grass seed will be planted. The seeded area will be cordoned off to allow the grass to grow, so please do not enter that area until the barriers have been removed. When completed, this area should accommodate a variety of activities such as soccer, touch football, wiffleball, and Frisbee. With the onset of warmer weather, the board anticipates increased use of the new adult fitness equipment installed next to the cemetery.

Important to Note

  • The arrival of Spring brings with it the annual ritual of spring cleaning. The board asks that residents take time to look at their yards to see what needs to be tidied up. The HOA management company will be surveying the community, and informing the board of what they believe are covenant violations with regards to unrepaired storm damaged items such as downed fences (Covenant 14), and the presence of “trash, ashes, garbage or other refuse dumped, stored or accumulated on any lot” (Covenant 13). Letters will be sent to owners whose lots are deemed in violation of these covenants, and will include a description of the items in question. The board knows that residents are interested in maintaining the appearance of the community, and that they will do their part to support that effort.
  • The board asks that dog owners take advantage of the dog waste stations located throughout the community.  
  • A reminder that dues and special assessment payments are due by March 31st in order to avoid accruing late fees.

Hopefully the oncoming Spring warmth will be accompanied by drier weather, and will present increased opportunities for outdoor activities. As always, the board welcomes input from residents on issues that are important to them via attendance at the monthly board meetings or emailing hoaboard@chadwickshores.com. Thank you for your time.

CSHOA board of directors